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Manassas Church Softball League

Manassas Church Softball League (MCSL) is a recreational church softball league located in the western part of Prince William County. Sanctioned by USSSA. MCSL Plays at two locations, Valley View Park in Nokesville, Virginia and Ben Lomond Park in Manassas, Virginia.  All places of worship and all levels of abilities are welcomed to play. MCSL typically plays on Friday and Monday nights. 

Rain Lines:

  • Valley View - 703 792-3294   
  • Ben Lomond - 703 792-3281
  • PWC Stadium - 703-792-3291

Important Information for 2021 Fall Season

2021 Fall Season will kick off on September 10th and run for 8 weeks. We are still working out the details regarding costs and schedule. If you are interested in putting in a team for the Fall, please email the league at 


2021 Cross-County Championships

MCSL would like to thank all the churches that participated in the 2021 Spring/Summer Season. We hope that everyone had a wonderful time playing.  

Cross-County Championship will take place on AUGUST 9th at Valley View with a rain makeup day on AUGUST 12th!!!!

Division winners from each of the four divisions will compete against Woodbridge church teams in their respective divisions for bragging rights and t-shirts! 

****Some items of NOTE****

1. Rosters will be checked against players on that team, you must have ID.

2. Will be using the USSSA Classic Plus ball (.52/300) and it will be provided

3. All bats are approved for use as long as they are not on the banned list within their respective associations

4. Rules are essentially the same as the Early Bird tournament. 


2021 Spring/Summer Season Rule Changes & COVID information


All rules will remain the same except for the following which will be discussed:

1. No courtesy foul if batter already has 2 strikes - will be an OUT if the ball is hit foul on the 3rd strike. (Speeds up games) For all divisions.

2. ***USSSA Stamped bats ONLY*** Must have USSSA thumbprint stamp on the bat and not on the banned list. ASA/USA only bats are no longer allowed, Dual stamped bats are allowed as long as it has the USSSA stamp on it.

3. Any USSSA Stamped ball. We will be issuing every team1 dz. of the Classic-M ball to start and then you will be issued another 1 dz. Pro-M USSSA stamped balls for use sometime in April. 

4. ***No one under the age of 18 is currently allowed to play***

5.  A rubber Mat will now be used for all divisions (Mat will be Senior Softball specs. which will cover the entire home plate and extend behind the plate. )

2021 COVID Rules (UPDATED)

***IMPORTANT*** All players may be required to sign a COVID waiver and they will be available at the fields on the 1st night or emailed to coaches.  

1. Please refrain from retrieving or picking up the other team's equipment to include bats, hats, sunglasses, etc.

2. Please refrain from shaking hands, high-fives, good-games, etc.

3. We typically pray in a circle after the games, it is highly recommended that we do not do this! However, please use your discretion if you want to continue this tradition. 

4. Please have a willingness to be flexible as requirements, rules, and standards may change. We are doing our best to work with what we are required to do. 

5. Field monitors will no longer be present to ensure compliance. 

6. Please be safe and do the right thing, if you feel ill, stay home!

7. Players responsibility to notify their coach of a positive Covid test for contract tracing purposes. Coach's responsibility to notify MCSL officials of a positive test/contact tracing. League Officials are responsible for notification of affected/possible contact with opposing team's coach, umpires, and the rest of the league officials. 

8. Hand Sanitizer stations will be located at every dugout. Please do not remove them and notify a league official if they are empty.

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